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1. Describe the functional layout of airport.

2. Write brief notes on ground handling agencies.

3. Security arrangements in the airport. - Explain.

4. What are the procedures for mishandled luggage ?

5. Write short notes on :

(i) Ticketing.

(ii) Fares.

6. State the problems in cargo handling.

7. Describe the role and functions of IATA.

8. Explain about write notes on :

(i) DGCA.

(ii) COD.

(iii) Air traffic control.

9. Write notes on :

(i) Air way bill.

(ii) Diplomatic bag.

(iii) Cottage.

10. Briefly explain the cargo module.

11 Explain the phases of a flight.

12 Explain 16 Airline terms and explain them.

13.What are the various main types of baggages?

14.Write a short note on mishandled baggage and highlight the procedure to handle it.

15.Write down the steps in issuing a one-way ticket using cards.

16.What are the different factors that lead to fare differences?

17.Explain the role of IATA in International Air Travel.

18.Enumerate the functions of ICAO.

19.Write short notes on:

a) Cottage;           b) Air way bill

c) COD                 d) Diplomatic bag

20.What are the different types of Air Cargo? Explain

21.Enumerate the phases of a flight.



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