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IBO-02 June, 2013 International Marketing Management

June, 2013

IBO-02 : International Marketing Management


1. Write short notes on any two of the following :

(a) International Marketing Orientation - EPRG approach.

(b) International Product life cycle.

(c) Importance of research in International Marketing.

(d) International Marketing Control.

2. Distinguish between any two of the following : 

(a) Joint venture and Strategic alliance.

(b) Licensing and Franchising

(c) Compensation trade (buy-back) and switch trade.

(d) Manufacturers' brand and distributors' brand


Attempt any four of the following questions :

3. (a) Explain the different methods of pricing used in international marketing.

(b) What are the factors that should be taken into consideration while pricing for overseas

markets ?

4. "The global environment must be analysed before a company intends to expand its markets overseas." In the light of this statement explain how various political, social and cultural conditions influence the foreign market selection.

5. (a) What are the points that you would keep in mind while selecting an agent in a foreign country ? 

(b) Explain the concept of indirect exporting and its advantages.

6. What do you understand by overseas market research ? Describe the various steps involved in an overseas market research process.

7. "International trade in services is growing much faster than in products". In the light of the above statement, answer the following questions :

(a) Explain the importance of services in world trade.

(b) Identify the services in which India has an advantage.

(c) State the barriers to international marketing of services.

8. "International Marketing Planning is more difficult than domestic marketing planning." Comment on the statement and explain the five decision areas for international marketing planning.

9. (a) Explain briefly the emerging trends and issues in international marketing.

(b) Narrate the role of MNCs in the changed international trading scenario.

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