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Journalism and Mass Communication

Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communication

1. Outline role and place of the Editor in a daily newspaper.

2. Critically evaluate the social impact of mass media.

3. Outline the role of traditional folk media in present time

4. Define "Ethics of journalism" giving suitable example

5. Discuss the key recommendation of the second Press Commission

6. What do you understand by educational 20 television ? Discuss the growth of educational TV in the country

7. What are the characteristics of mass media ? Compare the impact of print and television.

8. Explain Gerbner's Model of Communication with a diagram. Critically evaluate its relevance.

9. Do you think that television news channels are functioning irresponsibly ?

10.Discuss the various methods of inireasing the efficacy of communication strategy.

11.Explain the communication process with reference to message and feedback

12.Write short notes on :

(a) Press Council of India

(b) Indian Federation of Working Journalists

(c) Editors Guild of India

(d) Press Trust of India (PTI)

13. Develop a questionnaire for assessing the popularity of a TV proagramme.

14. what do you mean by market based audience feedback system

15. Discuss the role of Press Commission.

16. What is a news agency ? What role does a news agency play in the overall media set-up of the country

17. Discuss the code of ethics of journalist

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