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MCO-01 December, 2012 Organisation Theory And Behaviour

December, 2012

MCO-01 : Organisation Theory And Behaviour

1.  Do you think that the modern theory of  organisation considers the dynamic conditions at micro and macro levels ? Discuss and critically examine the modern theory of organisation.

2.  (a) Why do you study organisational behaviour? Substantiate your answer with suitable examples.

(b) Discuss the small and large group perspective of organisational behaviour.

3.  (a)   Describe the individual factors that cause stress.

(b) Explain the individual stress management techniques which may be adopted for reducing stress.

4.  Explain the behavioural theory and the situational  theory of leadership and also differentiate between both of these theories.

5.  (a) Describe the primary characteristics of Organisational culture.

(b) Discuss various dimensions of organisational climate.

6.  Distinguish between functional and dysfunctional conflict. Explain the conflict resolution strategies for the organisation.

7.  Explain any four Organisational development interventions which may be applied for the improvement of the Organisation ?

8.  Write explanatory notes on  any two  of the following :

(a)  Designing value based Organisation

(b)  Managerial approaches to motivating employees.

(c)  Organisation Development Process.

(d)  Functions of Organisational culture. 

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