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Ms-1 Dec 2009


  1. "When conflict level is too low, the performance is likely to be low, a manager can stimulate conflict to enhance the performance of the group. When the level of conflict is too high, conflict needs to be resolved to restore its optimum level and maintain high performance". Elaborate this statement and discuss the underlying concepts with relevant examples.

2. Why is developing a successful working relationship important for dynamics of an organisation ? Briefly discuss various stages of developing Inter-personal relationship. Explain with suitable examples.

3. Define controlling and discuss the control process. Explain with examples the pre-requisites and characteristics of an effective control system and the method of exercising control in a structured set-up.

4.What managerial skills are required at different levels of management and why ? Briefly discuss the roles of top level executives in an organisation.

5. Write short notes on any three of the following :

a) Determinants of Organisational Culture and Climate

b) Antecedents of Organisational Change

c) Leadership Styles

d) M.B.O.

(e) Models of Decision Making

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