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MS 24 JUNE 2015

 1. Define industrial relations. Discuss Dunlop's approach to industrial relations.
2. Briefly explain the evolution of Managerial Unionsin
India. Describe the factors influencing          the   formation of Managerial Unions in India.
3. Define Collective Bargaining. Examine the uniquefeatures of Collective Bargaining in Indian    

contextwith illustrations.
4. Discuss the need for Workers Participation in Management (WPM). State the issues involved     in participative forums in
MS-24 1 P.T.O.
5. Write short notes on any three of the following.
(a) Voluntary arbitration
(b) Acts of misconduct
(c) The "Red - Hot Stove" Rule
(d) Managing Trade Unions
(e) Discipline in Industry


MS 25 JUNE 2015
MS 23 JUNE 2015


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