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Ms-422 December, 2009 Bank Financial Management

December, 2009

Ms-422: Bank Financial Management

1. (a) Briefly discuss the broad categories of development-financing Institutions in India.

(b) "The money market gives a considerable amount of liquidity to all participants in financial market". Discuss this statement and bring out the various types of instruments that are used in the money market in India. Is there a need for Banks to borrow funds ?

2. Explain the different sources from where Banks can borrow funds within India.

3. Discuss with suitable examples the main functions of a centralised Treasury Department in a Bank.

4. Discuss the important features of the following :

(a) Money Market Mutual Funds

(b) Inter Bank Participation Certificates

5. Why is measuring project risk important ? Discuss the different techniques of measuring project risk.

6. Explain the significance of operational risk and discuss the methodologies for measurement of operational risks.

7. "While the concept of liquidity gap is extremely simple to understand and use, there are few issues which need to be addressed in order to effectively use the gap approach". Discuss this statement and bring out these issues.

8. Discuss the significance of pricing in the context of Banks. Explain the objectives that are to be kept in mind while pricing the banks' products and services.

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