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Ms-423 December, 2009 Marketing Of Financial Services

December, 2009

Ms-423 : Marketing Of Financial Services

1. What are the different marketing orientations ? Explain the applicability of each of these for marketing of financial services.

2. Explain the Freuidian Model and the Veblenian, behavioural models and discuss their marketing applications.

3. What is branding ? Explain the role and importance of branding in bank marketing.

4. What do you understand by securitisation ? Explain the process of securitisation and its advantages to the various parties.

5. Explain in detail the process of project appraisal. What are the main sources from which project  finance may be raised in India ? Discuss.

6. Differentiate between life and general insurance. Explain the various strategies used for marketing of insurance products.

7. What are pension funds ? Discuss the various types of Pension Plans and the risk they. face. 

8. What is the general profile of an Indian investor ? Discuss the marketing strategies adopted by mutual funds, keeping in view the Indian investor's profile.

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