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Ms-423 June, 2010 Marketing of Financial Services

June, 2010

Ms-423 : Marketing of Financial Services

1. Discuss the characteristics of services. What are the implications that they create for marketers of financial services ? Discuss.

2. Explain the Marshallian and the Pavlovian, behavioural models and discuss the marketing applications of these models.

3. What is the concept of Product Life Cycle ? Discuss the application of this concept to marketing of banking products.

4. Explain what do you understand by factoring ? Explain its mechanism and distinguish it from discounting of bills and forfaiting.

5. Explain in detail the process of project appraisal. What are the new financial instruments used for project financing ? Discuss.

6. What are the constituents of a mutual fund ? Explain the working mechanism and functions of an Asset Management Company (AMC).

7.  What are pension funds ? Explain how is fund management done in pension funds ?

8. Describe the benefits of insurance investments over other financial investments. Explain how effective marketing will be useful in enhancing the insurance business ?

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