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Ms-424 December, 2009 International Banking Management

December, 2009

Ms-424: International Banking Management

1. What do you understand by International Banking ? Explain the various reasons for the growth of international banking.

2. Explain the objectives and responsibilities of the International Monetary Fund and discuss the various facilities provided by it.

3. Discuss the following :

(a) Reverse repo rate


(c) IBRD

(d) MICA

4. (a) What is Derivative ? Discuss the various derivative products which are used to price and transfer financial risks.

(b) Define Risk Management. Discuss the different types of risks that banks are exposed to in the present day context.

5. What do you understand by capital adequacy ? Describe the various steps taken by the Reserve Bank of India in recent times to strengthen the capital adequacy ratios of Indian banks.

6. What are the principles laid down in Basel Concordat 1975 .? Discuss its deficiencies and the various attempts to overcome those deficiencies.

7. What do you understand by Capital Market ? Discuss the various types of financial instruments floated in these markets at the global level.

8. What are the objectives of Treasury Management ? Explain the different functions of asury management.

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