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Ms-57 December, 2012 Maintenance Management

December, 2012

Ms-57 : Maintenance Management

1.  (a)  What are the Life cycle cost components for any plant? How maintenance can affect the life cycle profits of any equipment and plant?

(b)  Discuss the various functions and objectives of maintenance.

2.  (a)   Discuss the basic principles of maintenance planning and scheduling.

(b)  Explain the characteristics and benefits of planned maintenance.

3.  (a)  Discuss the key issues affecting maintenance organisation structure.

(b)  Explain the unique problems of spare parts management. Suggest the methods for controlling the spare parts.

4.  (a)  Discuss the important issues related to Training and Development in maintenance management.

(b)  What do you mean by continuous improvement? Explain the autonomous CAPD cycle for maintenance function.

5.  (a)  Explain Reliability, Failure Rate, Hazard Rate. Establish the relationship among these three with the help of equations. Also explain BATH-TUB curve and its importance in maintenance management.

(b)  What are the objectives of TPM? What are the big six losses? How these can be eliminated or reduced?

6.  Write short note on any three of the following.

(a)  Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM).

(b)  Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

(c)  Safety and Environmental issues in maintenance.

(d)  Maintenance Costing and Budgeting.

(e)  Terotechnology. 

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