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Ms-68 December, 2012 Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising

December, 2012

Ms-68 : Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising


1.  (a)  Explain the various sources of misunderstanding that may thwart the process of marketing communication, giving suitable examples.

(b)  In what ways the advertisers make use of consumer learning concepts ?

2.  (a)  Your organization has come up with a new brand of toothpaste. As the marketing

manager, how would you assign different roles to the various promotional mix elements keeping into consideration the ' Hierarchy of Effect' model ?

(b)  Illustrate the use of colour in creation of an effective message.

3.  (a)  Explain the different types of media schedules available to the advertisers.

(b)  What are the major differences between internet advertising and conventional form of mass advertising ? Explain giving suitable examples.

4.  Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a)  Use of Public Relations in marketing.

(b)  Pre-testing and Post-testing.

(c)  Social communciation Vs Brand advertising.

(d)  Consumer Attitudes and Advertising.

(e)  Agency positioning strategies.


5.  (a)  Taking any fast moving consumer good of your choice explain how you would go about managing a consumer promotion scheme.

(b)  School going kids are seen to compromise on their fun reading habits. Which media

would you select to encourage their reading habits and why ? 

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