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Ms-68 June, 2013Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising

June, 2013

MS-68: Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising


1. (a) Explain some of the important learning theory concepts of relevance to advertisers.

(b) Discuss the Ethical Issues in Advertising giving suitable examples.

2. (a) Why would you prefer using radio when the average urban Indian spends comparatively greater time on television ? Explain.

(b) What are the major issues in measurement of advertising effectiveness ? Explain.

3. Develop an appropriate promotional strategy for a tourist destination of your liking.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Marketing Communication Process

(b) Advertising Vs Publicity

(c) Legal issues in Advertising

(d) Indian Media Scene

(e) Direct Mail


5. (a) Marketing communication is all about successful transmission of clear message that

results in effective reception. Yet many a times the distortion creeps in. Identify and describe one commercial that according to you communicates effectively and one that does it ineffectively. Justify your answer.

(b) Plan a campaign that promotes traffic sense in your city.

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