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Ms-92 December, 2011 Management of Public Enterprises

December, 2011

Ms-92 : Management of Public Enterprises


1. (a)  What are the different objectives of public enterprises ? Explain in brief.

(b) What is the impact of economic reforms on the functioning of state of Public Enterprises in India ? Explain.

2. Discuss the various dimensions of Government -  PE interface. Also discuss the ways in which the Government control is exercised over the PEs.

3. (a) Discuss the methods/techniques which can be helpful in project implementation.

(b) What methodologies can be used in project  evaluation ? Discuss with examples.

4. Discuss the relevance of marketing in public  enterprises. What marketing concepts in particular can be helpful in marketing of public enterprises ?

5. Describe the various steps in the process of  disinvestment. Comment upon the pricing of shares in the context of recent experience.


6. 'In India the issues related to Corporate Governance are quite distinct - basically due to the socio-economic conditions of the country ; the major issue in India relating to corporate governance, especially in PEs is not a 'conflict between management and owners' as in the West but a 'conflict between the dominant shareholders and the minority shareholders'. Critically comment on the issues in corporate governance related to PEs. Refer to the situation given above.

7. In the view of some knowledgeable people, Public  Enterprises have become irrelevant and therefore, the structure of PEs needs to be dismantled. Critically evaluate and offer your own comments. 

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