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Ms-92 December, 2012 Management of Public Enterprises

December, 2012

Ms-92 : Management of Public Enterprises


1.  'The patterns of ownership and management of public enterprises vary from country to country'. Discuss the ownership and management pattern of Public Enterprises in India.

2.  Briefly discuss the role of some important organs of the government machinery interacting with Public Enterprises.

3.  What is the importance of marketing concepts in  Public Enterprises ? Discuss.

4.  Briefly discuss the following : 

(a)  Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS).

(b)  Wage Policy followed in Public Enterprises  .


6.  Taking any Public Sector Enterprise of your choice. Analytically discuss the Personnel Policy followed in that PSE.

7.  (a)  What are the different forms of disinvestment followed in PSE in  todays context ?

(b)  Critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each form of disinvestment.

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