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Ms-92 June, 2010 Management of Public Enterprises

June, 2010

Ms-92 : Management of Public Enterprises


1. "India's approach to economic development was compromise between a centrally planned economy and a market economy". Discuss.

2. How corporate Governance is relevant in today's context in public enterprises ? Explore one successful enterprise of your choice, which is society oriented.

3. "Industrial sickness is threat to developing labour surplus economy". Justify, Also discuss the main turnaround strategies followed for revival and reconstruction of sick enterprises.

4 Describe the functions of Public Enterprises  Selection Board. State the Government's policy regarding recruitment to various level posts in public enterprises.

5(a) Discuss the implications of disinvsetment on labour force. Also give suggestions to tackle such implications.

(b) Discuss the Policy of Privatisation.


6. Critically evaluate the corporate Planning Process followed in SAIL.

7. Having understood the concept of marketing mix, develop marketing mix strategy for the following.

(a) Tourism Development Corporation

(b) State Financial Corporation

(c) Road Transport Corporation

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