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Ms-93 December, 2009 Management of New and Small Enterprises

December, 2009

Ms-93 : Management of New and Small Enterprises


1.(a) "Small scale enterprises contribute more to the growth of Indian economy than large enterprises". Critically examine this statement.

(b) Describe the process of development of entrepreneurial competencies.

2.(a) What are the factors that influence the process of product selection ?

 (b) Describe the qualitative and quantitative factors that a small scale entrepreneur should consider for "location analysis" of the project.

3. Discuss the institutional interface created by Government of India for the support and development of small scale enterprises with various support measures and incentives given by various institutions. Explain with suitable examples.

4.(a) What is trade credit ? How does it help a small firm in managing its finances ?

(b) Highlight the importance of "Training function" for a small business.

5. (a) What do you mean by trading on equity ? Discuss the role of "leveraging" in growth of a small firm.

(b) Give an overview of project preparation process for a small unit.


6. Briefly explain any four of the following :

(a) Venture capital

(b) TQM in small scale sector

(c)Technology upgradation in small business

(d) Techno-Economic feasibility

(e) Succession issues in family business

7. (a) What is SIDBI ? Discuss its role and various schemes for the promotion of small scale sector in our country.

(b) Describe the organisational requirements for growth orientation in a small firm.

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