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Ms-94 December, 2011 Technology Management

December, 2011

Ms-94 : Technology Management

1. (a) Discuss some of the important positive and negative effects of technology in relation to various human need factors like air, water, food, shelter, health communications, transportation, education, etc.

(b) What is appropriate technology concept. Give examples to illustrate the concept.

2. (a) Discuss "brainstorming" as a method of technological forecasting in terms of

(i) the steps involved;

(ii) its applications; and

(iii) its merits and demerits.

(b) Give the categories of payments involved in pricing of technology. Illustrate with examples.

3. What does management of technology absorption involve ? Discuss the important constraints in technology absorption.

(b) "Making the most of technological innovations should be an explicit goal of each company." Explain the importance of technological diffusion, by giving suitable examples.

4. Discuss the role of Research Infrastructure in the development of Science and Technology. Illustrate with examples by giving different categories of science organisations in the country.

5. (a) Discuss the dimensions of Technology Information Services to corporates.

(b) Discuss the various factors that may govern the choice of a particular technology.

6. What do you understand by Technology Generation ? Discuss the various inputs required in the process of generation of technology.

7. Write notes on the following:

(a) Venture capital and its role.

(b) Technology Missions. 

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