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Ms- 94 June, 2011 Technology Management

June, 2011

Ms- 94 : Technology Management

1.  (a) "Technology has been viewed differently by different people." Discuss the role and Importance of Technology Management.

(b) Distinguish clearly between Radical Innovation and Incremental Innovation ? Can we say that one is more important than the other ? Justify your answer.

2.  (a)  What does technology forecast involve ? Discuss the role of technology forecasting in the present day scenario.

(b) What are Horizontal and Vertical Technology Transfer ? Discuss the process involved.

3.  What are the different stages involved in Technology Assessment Process .? Explain

4.  Discuss the objectives, role and the present position of the following in promoting technology development in India :

(a)  Technical consultancy organizations;

(b)  Technology Entrepreneurs' Parks; and

(c)  Technology Business Incubators

5.  (a) Explain, with examples, the various stages in technology life cycle.

(b) Elaborate the various factors that determine technology development.

6.  What are production functions and how they help in understanding technology change ? Explain with examples.

7.  Write notes on the following :

(a)  Technology linkages at the enterprise level

(b)  Appropriate technology and its relevance 

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