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Ms-95 December, 2012 Research Methodology For Management Decisions

December, 2012

Ms-95 : Research Methodology For Management Decisions


1.  What is a hypothesis ? Can it be considered as a valid fact ? Is a hypothesis always necessary in research?

2.  What is a likert-type rating scale ? Why is it called a scale of summated rating ? Mention its advantages and limitations.

3.  Name the different methods of data collection and discuss the factors upon which the choice of a method for a given research project depend.

4.  Differentiate between 'statistic' and 'parameter'. In view of above differentiation describe what do you understand by sampling ? Why is it used in Management Research ?

5.  Why are quotations used in research report ? What are various forms of quotations ? When are they used ? How ?

6.  Write short notes on any two of the following :

(a)  Factor Analysis

(b)  Standard Error

(c)  Latin Square Design

(d)  Proof Reading


7.  A test is given to graduates of two business schools A and B. The scores are given out of 100. Test whether the school differ in quality by using Mann-Whitney U - test with a 10% level of significance.

Test Scores

School A 97 69 73 84 76 92 90 88 84 87 93

School B 88 99 65 69 97 84 85 89 91 90 87 91 72

For your convenience, the following information is provided :

R1=134.5,  R2  = 165.5

Tabulated value of test statistic = 1.645 at 0.10 

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