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1. Explain the organisation pattern followed in a hotel.

2. Write about the amazing growth and development of the hotel industry.

3.What are the different types of crockery and hallow ware ?

4. Elucidate the travel terminologies for ticketing and fare calculation.

5. Write a brief descriptions :

(i) SITI.

(ii) SOTO.

(iii) SITO.

6. Describe the ten commands of excellent customer service.

7. Discuss the steps in solving problems encountered by bad customer.

8. What is the job of the tour operator and travel agent ? - Explain.

9. Discuss the types of tour.

10. Explain in detail about the various types of rooms and rate plans Bell desk.

11. Describe in detail about the different types of hotel based on the size, star category, and ownership.

12.Explain in about the different types of the menus in detail.

13. Discuss the procedure to be followed in airline ticketing and reservations.

14. Briefly explain the types of trips, fares and rules followed in traveling terminology.

15. Why customer service in tourism is important ? -Explain.

16. What do mean by effective communication in tourism ? Explain briefly.

17. Write short notes on :

(i) Guides.

(ii) Cruises.

(iii) Group tour.

(iv) Package tour.

18. Describe in detail about the procedures to be followed in reservation and documentation by tour operation business.

19. Describe about the organization pattern in a Hotel

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